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Painting light...

I finally found some time again to paint and I would like to share some of the results.

One is a little steampunk/ art-deco inspired character based on the sketch I posted a little while ago.

The other one is loosly inspired by a little scene I witnessed on a street that while driving by on a bike.

On ordinary dad in the middle of a group of bikers and tough guys, who is clearly the coolest guy around, even though - or maybe because- he wasn’t trying to be cool at all.

My goal there was to create a painterly and loose piece that tells a cute, littey story.

The challange was to capture the light mood that I had in mind and also finding a composition and color/ light scheme that would tie the composition together and make it read well despite the busy background and number of characters.


2dArtist Magazine


Sketching from the Imagination

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