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After a long hiatus I finally started sketching again. It's weird because actually I have less spare time right now than I've had in a while with the whole Corona situation (being at home with two kids and working almost full time), but sometimes a change in the circumstances, no matter if it's one for the better or one for worse, can trigger a sudden burst of inspiration :D So here we go...


This one took a bit longer to finish since I was also working on some animation project on the side, but I finally think it's ready to be shown here. Before I started painting I was looking at a lot of winter photographs and also did some quick color and lighting studies to get an idea of the mood I wanted to create. I might also give the one on the lower right a go, but probably have them pull a sleigh instead of building yet another snow man....


Here is the second painting of the series that I am currently working on. I was trying to capture the underwater atmosphere and lighting. I think what I found most challenging with this one was to have a variety of detail while still maintaining a strong composition and directing the eye to what's most important.


It's been a very long time since my last post, but the last year has been quite intense (in a positive way) on a professional as well as on a personal level. However, I finally found some time to work on personal projects again and I'm happy to post the first result. 
I'll also post some drawings soon that I did in the last couple of months but never got round to posting here.

Here's to new challenges and many more paintings in 2017!


Here are a couple of sketches I did at the drink&draw/ dr. skyetchy's Moulin Rouge Party. It was a really great experience, awesome music, great models and I had a perfect time sketching with friends. For any proportions that are off I blame the very cheap and delicious drinks they offered :D

Also, for those who haven't seen them yet, I updated my showreel and added a vfx showreel, that features some more of my vfx stuff. Feel free to follow the...


I finally took up life drawing again and found a really great place here in Berlin.

It's called drink&draw and they offer weekly portrait and life drawing sessions, great models, fun people (and pretty cheap booze :D ).

Here are some of the drawings I did during the last couple of weeks.

More to come after the Christmas break.


I finally found some time again to paint and I would like to share some of the results.

One is a little steampunk/ art-deco inspired character based on the sketch I posted a little while ago.

The other one is loosly inspired by a little scene I witnessed on a street that while driving by on a bike.

On ordinary dad in the middle of a group of bikers and tough guys, who is clearly the coolest guy around, even though - or maybe because- he wasn’t tr...


Here a little sketch and a painting I created as a Christmas present.


I wanted to try out some different techniques and light settings and so I decided to use one of my sketches and do a couple of quick paints with it. Some are very rough, some a bit more polished. I played around with compositions and light direction as well as colors- still lots to learn, but this was a very fun exercise.

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